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Clay LeBlanc

Senior Vice President

Value Delivered

As Senior Vice President, Clay manages and directs all field operations for Turnaround Welding Services (TWS).

Clay maintains a comprehensive view of the company’s operations and works to ensure that client and project needs are met. This involves coordinating with project managers and recruiters, delegating the correct supervision and craft for projects, attaining the necessary tools and equipment, and providing the required support from the corporate office.

Throughout his entire career, Clay has remained committed to delivering high-quality work in as safe an atmosphere as possible, which has been a key to his success.


Clay has over 30 years of experience in the industry, working on everything from small welding jobs to large-scale retrofits and turnarounds. He began his career as a pipefitter apprentice in 1984 and has traveled across the nation holding positions at several of the industry’s leading companies. He joined TWS, for the second time in his career, in September of 2018.

The Personal Side

Clay enjoys a range of outdoor activities with family and friends.